We are thrilled to announce and celebrate the achievements of two outstanding individuals who have been awarded the Rotary Scholarships for $1,000 each! 
Scarlett Kihn, recipient of the School and Community Leadership Scholarship, exemplifies exceptional leadership qualities both within her school and in her community. Scarlett's dedication and commitment to making a positive impact have truly made her stand out. Congratulations, Scarlett! 
Lily Ethington, recipient of the Academic & School Participation Scholarship, has demonstrated outstanding academic excellence and active participation in various school activities. Lily's passion for learning and involvement in school life make her a true inspiration to her peers. Well done, Lily! 
This morning, both Scarlet and Lily joined us for a heartfelt breakfast ceremony where they were presented with their well-deserved certificates. It was a joyous occasion filled with pride and admiration for these incredible young leaders. 
Please join us in congratulating Scarlet and Lily on their remarkable achievements! 🎉 Let's continue to support and empower our youth to reach their fullest potential.