Dear Flushing Rotarians: We as Rotarians have been charged by our president to be leaders in our community and world. To foster the ideal of service above self, and to look for ways to better our community, nation and world. If it were not for the efforts of those Rotarians who preceded us, we would not have the organization that we have today that is impacting the world in significant and numerous ways: Alleviating diseases such as Polio, feeding the hungry, facilitating peace and mitigating political strife, bringing sight to the visually impaired, water to those without, and raising literacy both locally and globally. We must carry on and build on what they have given us and give to those who succeed us, a better and stronger Rotary than that which we received. Let us focus our efforts this coming year to strive to engage and enlist younger members in our Club who can take Flushing Rotary into the next decades and beyond. Let's look to the future and how we can positively impact it. Contributing to the continuation of Rotary and its ideals is a very worthy endeavor that we should strive to achieve. Alone we can do little, but together we can achieve much. Let us work to contribute to this positive force for humanity that we know as Rotary so that we can be a part of history, the history of Rotary, something noble, significant, profound and great. Thank you to each of you for your commitment to this cause and this Club, and your contributions to its success. I am honored to be affiliated with this organization and, more importantly, the fine people within it who strive to change the world and their community. Now my fellow Rotarians, let's go forward and do what we can to do good in our community of Flushing and beyond. The Future of Rotary is in YOUR Hands. Thank you, John Cote, President, 2009-2010, Rotary Club of Flushing, Michigan