January is Rotary Awareness month. Exactly what is the intent of this theme? As John articulated at our meeting last week it is time to reflect and promote Rotary's purpose. How exactly do we do this? I believe it is more than omphaloskepsis, unless you are bejeweled in your belly button with a Rotary wheel. RI President D.K. Lee notes it is 'time for us to consider how our Rotary values - and our own actions - influence public perceptions of Rotary.' Please read the January issue of The Bridge for the rest of this message. As a pragmatist my approach to this topic is to challenge each of you on how you as a Rotarian not only become aware of Rotary endeavors but also how you promote Rotary ideals amongst family and community. How aware are you of Rotary's global humanitarian efforts? Did you know that you are a member of the world's first humanitarian club organization? What about Rotarians' Service Above Self while advancing world understanding, goodwill and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education, and the mitigation of poverty? How do we support such demanding initiatives? Our own past president, Ginny Myers, lead our club in a successful Polio Plus challenge. Chuck McKone chairs the Foundation effort for our club encouraging our support. Richard Barron leads the charge for District 6330 for the World Peace Fellowship Initiative. Pat Botz facilitates our involvement in the Preventable Blindness project in Mexico. How conversant are we about these programs and their benefit? Do we have enough knowledge to share the purpose and progress with others? Locally, as examples, we provide leadership and funding for the Food Bank, led by Greg Yassick & Dave Hendry, Scholarships chaired by Mike Wallace, Flushing City Master Plan led by Pat O'Callaghan, Jack Wheatley and Lisa Demankowski, and the Interact Club guided by Marty Barta and Mike Wallace. Again, how involved are we as individual Rotarians in these efforts? (The examples provided above are a snippet of our activities. If this is news to you, then please ask those chairing activities about their purpose and activities.) When was the last time you shared with family, friends or colleagues Rotary's message? Simply adorning your Rotary pin is one way to incite the conversation - and I do not mean in your navel. Wear it proudly, exemplify the 4 Way Test and share Rotary with others to improve Rotary awareness.