Lily Ethington, a senior at FHS, stands as an epitome of academic excellence and community engagement, earning her the title of February Rotary Student of the Month. With a commendable GPA of 3.96, she ranks 24th in a class known for its exceptional talent and intellect.

Born to Justin and Jennifer Ethington, Lily cherishes her family deeply. Alongside her loving parents, she shares her life with a younger sister, Hannah, who is in the 10th grade, and an older brother, Jakob, who graduated in 2022. Lily's upbringing reflects a strong foundation of familial support and encouragement.

Lily's interests span a wide spectrum, from the tranquility of reading to the creative outlet of playing guitar and the invigorating pursuit of running. Her involvement in various clubs such as Rotary Club, Madrigals, Beta Choir, Key Club, National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta Math Honor Society, and Rho Kappa Honor Society highlights her dedication to both academic and extracurricular excellence.

Driven by a passion for giving back, Lily actively engages in volunteer work, contributing her time and efforts to initiatives like S’mores, blanket-making for Hurley, and volunteering at the ECC and the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan. Additionally, her participation in events like the Crim Rotary Mile underscores her commitment to community betterment.

Currently dual-enrolled through the University of Michigan Flint, Lily envisions a future in the field of nursing. Her ambition to become a nurse practitioner, specializing in dermatology or psychology, reflects her desire to make a meaningful impact in healthcare. Lily's dedication to her academic pursuits and career goals is commendable, showcasing her determination to excel in her chosen path.

Among her cherished memories at FHS, Lily fondly recalls her experience during this year's collage, where she had the honor of holding the Taylor Swift 2024 flag, symbolizing her fondness for memorable moments shared with her peers. Furthermore, her admiration for Mr. Nate Degner, her middle school choir teacher, exemplifies the profound impact educators can have on their students' lives. Lily acknowledges Mr. Degner's ability to make learning enjoyable and his genuine care for his students as instrumental in shaping her academic journey.

In alignment with her passion for nursing and healthcare, Lily has chosen to support the American Nurses Foundation through her donation. Her contribution reflects her dedication to assisting nurses facing various challenges within the healthcare system, particularly focusing on mental health issues.