Tim - thanked Fred Helser for attending, Dave B. - A privilege to serve Children's Museum & nephew born prematurely turns one, Doug T. - glad to see Josie back & thanked Merrills for tail gate party & visit to nieces, Greg Y. - thanks to all for prayers and cards & $900 collected for food so far, Tim - son turned 30 & Thanksgiving with a spry 94 year old uncle and 95 year old friend, Denise - welcomed new members & Dave Bennett's service to Children's Museum & week with daughter, Terry - 23 people at house & 1900 pictures shot by 5 yr old, Biff - ski trip with father, Chuck - welcomed new members, Eric - visit to Children's Museum & five day trip to New York City, Ginny - She and Dave collected $294 at Bueche's Thanksgiving Eve & Holiday Pops at Whiting, Barry - Josie's return, Hank - great Chicago trip & watching "A Christmas Carol" on big screen & reminded all of George Gip's birthday 12/12, Richard - reminded all to sign up for Rotary International Conference & looking forward to Christmas with children, Greg B. - one of founding members Fred Heslers visit & our new members & the new and improved Flushing Chamber of Commerce, Mike W. - his eight year old in Nutcracker, John C. - good to have Josie and Greg back, Don P. - will have Augie and 94 year old grandmother over for Thanksgiving & Sam Harris's retirement, Dean - welcome to new members & five days in Kansas City & Drummond Island birthday party for his mother, Jack W. - Rowe is now in new building & daughter is in Rotoract, Kathy - no turkey flambé this year & great tailgate party, Rick - welcome new members & Greg Bois's sign & Big 10 Michigan, Josie - happy to be back & for Teresa accompanying her, Teresa - thanked members for prayers and cards and commented on Josie talking about Rotary while in the hospital