Any Foundation program can be successful only if it is embraced and actively supported by Rotary club members. It is unrealistic to expect Rotarians to participate in and financially support the Foundation's programs unless they understand how these programs save and change lives, and benefit them and their Rotary club in the process.
Why Support The Rotary Foundation? The Rotary Foundation's mission is to do good in the world. The mission of The Rotary Foundation is to support the efforts of Rotary International in the achievement of world understanding and peace through local, national, and international humanitarian, educational and cultural programs. Only with the financial support of Rotarians can this mission be accomplished. The Rotary Foundation is among the most respected charities. The Chronicle of Philanthropy, a widely respected publication that reports on nonprofit organizations, rated The Rotary Foundation 96th out of the top 400 most successful U.S. charities (28 October 2004). The Rotary Foundation belongs to Rotarians. The Rotary Foundation is the one foundation exclusively dedicated to furthering Rotary's programs throughout the world. Rotarians determine which programs to support and the level of funding provided. It is the dream of every Rotarian to help shape the world's future and make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. Giving to either the Annual Fund and / or to the Permanent Fund supports TRF's wide range of programs today and secures its programs for tomorrow. Annual Programs Fund (APF) contributions Contributions are credited to the individual donor and his/her club, and applied toward the club's and district's Annual Programs Fund goals. Under the SHARE system, contributions to the APF are invested for three years before they are spent on Foundation programs. Earnings from APF investments help pay for fund development, general administration expenses and program expenses. At the end of three years, 50 percent of the district's total APF contributions come back to the district in the District Designated Fund for expenditure by the district on Foundation programs. Fifty percent of the contributions support the World Fund, which TRF uses to pay for the worldwide programs available to all Rotary districts, regardless of specific contributions (e.g., Group Study Exchange, the matched portion of Matching Grants, etc.). NOTE: Your contributions to become and remain a sustaining member must be credited to the Annual Fund. Permanent Fund While Annual Programs Fund giving provides the necessary funding to operate TRF's current programs, giving to the Permanent Fund ensures TRF's ability to address the world's greatest needs for generations to come. Gifts to the Permanent Fund are held in perpetuity as part of an endowment. These gifts are professionally invested, and a portion of the Permanent Fund earnings are used each year for purposes specified by the donors. Thus, gifts to the Permanent Fund will grow and continue to support TRF for years to come.